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Servicing Metro Melbourne and Country Victoria

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We are an Owners Corporation or still more commonly known as “Body Corporate” Management company that works for you.

With the inception of the Owners Corporation Act 2006 which came into force on the 31st December 2007 all Bodies Corporate became Owners Corporations. An Owners Corporation is automatically created when a plan of subdivision containing common property is registered with Land Victoria. Some examples of common property are driveways, gardens, lifts, foyers, walls and fences.

Comprehensive Owners Corporation Management Package

Multi Lot Management offers a comprehensive Owners Corporation management package. Everything that we feel is required to successfully manage an Owners Corporation is included in our management fee.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  •  Initial setup of Owners Corporation.
  •  Set up and manage O/C bank account.
  •  Issue fee notices.
  •  Pay invoices.
  •  Prepare financial statements.
  •  Arrange quotes for and manage insurance policy.
  •  Prepare annual budget.
  •  Convene, prepare for and attend AGM.
  •  Attend committee meetings.
  •  Conduct postal ballots.
  •  Issue Owners Corporation Certificates.
  •  Maintain Owners Corporation register.
  •  Keep all required documents for your Owners Corporation.
  •  Arrange required maintenance. 

Servicing Metro Melbourne and Country Victoria

Based in Whittlesea in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs, we cover all of Melbourne Metropolitan as well as country Victoria.

Our management style may differ from many of our competitors as we conduct all business on site and we never expect you to come to us. All meetings are held at the times most convenient to lot owners, such as after hours or weekends.

We have established a network of reliable tradespeople and professionals, which enables us to have all maintenance works dealt with promptly.

We concentrate solely on managing Strata Titled Properties (Owners Corporations)

Unlike a number of other management companies who also provide real estate sales and leasing services, we concentrate solely on managing Strata Titled Properties (Owners Corporations).

We provide a cost effective, all inclusive price to manage your Owners Corporation. Our aim is to keep lot owners fees to a minimum while still providing full management services.

Are you a Home Owner, Developer or Investor?

If you are a home owner, developer or investor of a property in an Owners Corporation, you will have realised that the standard of management can make a substantial difference to the success of your development. A well managed Owners Corporation will add value to your property as well as enhance the standard of living.

The important Planning Stage

For developers, we think that it is extremely important that at the very early stages of the subdivision great attention is paid to the planning of the Owners Corporation. For example, clear definition of common areas, type of landscaping taking into account maintenance in the years to come, provision of services such as electrical and sewerage supply and quality of finishes.

We provide a comprehensive management plan, working closely with Lot Owners, Committees and Developers

Multi Lot Managements goal is to provide a comprehensive management plan, working closely with Lot Owners, Committees and Developers. We act in accordance with and are governed by the Owners Corporation Act 2006, Owners Corporation Regulations 2007, Model Rules and Owners Corporation Rules. For more information on Owners Corporations we suggest you go to the Consumer Affairs Victoria website www.consumer.vic.gov.au

Disbursement Fees

Multi Lot Management, does not charge disbursement fees like many other Owners Corporation Management companies. Things such as phone calls, postage and photocopying are included in our management fee.